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Week 31 – Building a Website From Start to Finish

Write a detailed brief for your website. Create a wireframe according to the brief. Draw some sketches to plan your design. Build a working websites according to these specs.

It’s important for me to see that you can follow through on the entire process – from the brief to the completed website. Please explain why you make certain decisions. How do these decisions fit in with the business strategy? Upload your brief, wireframe, sketches and link to your website to your WordPress blog. There’s quite a lot to do for this assignment, so it’s advisable to keep your website simple.

Although I am not sure if it will be detailed enough in writing, I hope to be able to explain my thought process. I wanted to create a template for a one-page website showcasing videos and / or photography. The overall style of the website itself should be clean, simplistic and somewhat stylish, not letting the design elements take the focus away from the photos or videos. In addition, the focus should be on the videos and photos, as they are the most important element of the website. Therefore, the website will have a lot of white or light beige / gray, not a lot of text. Keeping this in mind, I sketched up 6 different ideas for a wireframe.

On to the very simplistic wireframe, based on sketch 4, as I felt this would be the most fitting taking into consideration simplicity.

As for the website, I only had enough time to create the main page structure without any pictures yet. Hence links and menus are not working. Website can be found by clicking here. Bootstrap-based setup, with a header slideshow.

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