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Week 30 – Coming Up With a Strategy

Set up a meeting with a business owner and ask him/her what he/she would want from a website. Also ask him/her what the business strategy is and how the website would fit into it.

I met with a friend of mine to discuss as we are in need of a new website for our annual event, Omona. The list of things we would like from a website was fairly short; easy to navigate, user-friendly, easy access to event information, stylish and fitting the theme of the event. As for the business strategy, the website would be where possible attendees would find in-depth details about the event itself.

Then write a detailed document about this. I would like you to use the information from this document and create a website architecture.

Now let’s focus on the web design strategy. Your document should justify all the major decisions you make – from the domain registration, hosting, design and target audience through to what you decide in terms of programming.

The new Omona website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate as flow of information is important, but also fitting the theme. The theme of the event this year emphasises gold and dark colours, hence the design would have to reflect that as well. While the event does not have a clear business strategy, their target audience is youth between 12 and 25, and this target group would therefore have to be kept in mind when designing. Website support for multiple devices is a must, and special care must be taken in regards to information flow on each device as easy access to information about the event is a must.

The event already has a domain and hosting covered; omona.no is owned by the organisation and hosting is provided by DreamHost.

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