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Week 29 – Creating a Brief

I want you to take on a client. I then need you to have a meeting with your client and create a very detailed brief. This brief should contain all the information that will be needed to achieve the client’s requirements.Your brief should cover these sections:
– What is the client’s service/product?
– What are their requirements?
– What is the website’s goal?
– How are you going to achieve this goal?
– Build the website architecture (so we can see what sections will be needed)
– What is the design style that will be required?
– What are your suggestions for marketing the site?
The brief should be good enough to hand over to any design/programming team and get a great result.

I chose KPiN as my client as our organisation is in dire need of a new website. This client is a volunteer organisation who aims to promote Korean pop culture in Norway. It is run entirely by volunteers. Our main goal is to create events and host workshops for young people interested in Korean pop culture in Norway, as well as to run information sites on the topic. Hence, they do not have a specific product, but the website should promote their events and achievements in a good way and create interest both for new and possible visitors as well as sponsors and other interested parties. To achieve this goal, I believe the focus point of the website itself should be the achievements of the organisation – pictures, videos, and graphic elements highlighting a fun and colourful organisation.

The current website architecture needed would be as following:

The design style should be clean, modern, but with a colourful and youthful twist. Using the existing brand, the main colours are pink, blue and yellow, hence the design should reflect this as well.

Promoting the site on social media to reach out to the fandom would be the most appropriate. Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat would generate a lot of followers, and the Korean music fans are known to use Twitter as well. Getting the word out of a new website to the Embassy and companies which we have connections with would be good as well.

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