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Week 25 – Advertisement in After Effects

Create your own Apple iPod advertisement.
– It should be similar in style to the one shown at the beginning of this lesson.
– Your ad should be cut to any music track of your choice.
– Your ad should be cut to any music track of your choice.
– It must have an animated background.
– It needs to use colour graded and keyed footage.

If you hear screams of agony in the distance, that would be me. Boy, this was difficult. After a series of trials and errors, I finally got the keyed part somewhat down, although it took some time. I don’t own a greenscreen (yet), so I had a bright moment to use a favourite music video of mine, which was a BIG mistake in terms of working with keyed footage. But somehow, I went from this…

… to this! An ad for VIXX. While it’s not strictly speaking an iPod ad, the basics are the same.

Really choppy around the silhouette edges since it took a lot of effort to try and key out everything that was not a greenscreen or a solid colour (and those colours in it somehow matched the skin colour and some outfit colours too), but I am just happy I got this far in the end. I learnt A LOT during this, but I still wish I could have done more (and made it longer). The flower petals is based on a preset I already have installed. One day!

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