Learning Activites

Week 23 – Applying Basic Animation Principles

Create a character. This character can be a letter, a person, an animal or any type of illustration, use your imagination. This character will play the main role in your animation.

Take this character and draw it in five different exaggerated poses. In each of these poses the character has to express some kind of emotion (like love, anger, dislike, distaste, happiness and so on). Keep the animation principles in mind when you draw your character.

Please scan your drawings and upload it to your WordPress blog.

Meet Apple everyone. Apple is the long lost cousin of Line’s Apeach, and she’s currently visiting her cousin in Seoul. The apple fruit makes up her face, while the stem functions as a ponytail. The leaves are actually parts of a green hairbow. She wears a pale pink one-piece, black gloves and a pair of black tights.

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