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Week 21 – Playing With Ideas

If the idea is at the heart of everything, then I would like you to think of a movie that you love. Then look at its current title sequence and come up with a new one.

Sketch up the rough idea in the form of a storyboard. Your storyboard needs to be at 30 frames and should be for at least 1minute of motion design

Please scan and upload this activity to your WordPress blog.

I don’t really have a specific movie I love, despite watching a few now and then. So I hope it’s okay to choose a cinematic concert opening instead, which is what I opted for. The opening sequence in question is from Infinite’s Dilemma Tour back in 2015.

Based on this sequence, I sketched out a new sequence and added some text as well fitting the concert and the different members.

Complete the lynda.com exercise files for the course After Effects CC Essential Training by Alan Demafiles (chapters 1-4).

All done! Wasn’t sure how to upload “proof” since the exercise files weren’t entirely completed. I did find the tutorial very interesting, so I decided to watch a couple more chapters on 3D structures for fun.

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