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Week 12 – The Components of Visual Identity

Name the three most important components of visual identity.

The name, the logotype or mark, and the colours.

Describe the difference between logotype and signature.

The logotype is the brand’s name presented in one single specific font, while the signature is the logotype presented with the brand mark in such a way that is stylistically pleasing.

Using Kuler create a colour scheme (using only three colours in each set) for the following products:
– A rich chocolate cake that is made from real chocolate. The keyword here is “quality”.
– A courier company that delivers internationally by air, land and sea – their main focus is fast delivery.
– An international insurance company that focuses on family values.

Chocolate Cake

Courier Company

Insurance Company

Write your name in four different typefaces, according to the following criteria. Use a typeface that:
– expresses a unique quality about you
– is inspired by your favourite food
– makes your name look sophisticated
– is drawn by hand

For the first typeface, I chose to write my first name in Japanese using the font Toppan Bunkyu Midashi Gothic as seen top left, since Japanese is such a huge part of my life. My favourite food is honey toast, hence the font Honey Butter is used bottom left. Top right has a sophisticated clean feel using Raleway Light, while bottom right was me writing my name into Illustrator with my Wacom tablet using rulers so it’d look straight enough.


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