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Week 11 – Acquainting yourself with the work process

Consider the different steps in the work process and answer the following questions in writing.

  • Conduct research
    Write down different means of conducting research. (What do you think can be done to collect information and get consumers’ perspective on a proposed idea?)

One possible option would be to conduct a questionnaire of sorts, either online or in person, to gather quantitive information. For qualitative information, more in-depth interviews could be conducted. Social media polls and real-time hangouts with potential customers could also be an option where consumers could state their opinion freely. Market research would also be good; check what is out there from before and how said product is received to find out what we can do better in our product. These may form the basis of a more clear vision and strategy working towards certain goals and values.

  • Clarify the strategy
    What do you think should be included in a creative brief? (As a designer, what would you consider vital information in such a brief?)

A description of what the brand believes to be its core values and how they would like to present themselves or their product to their consumers, and how that would apply to a design.

  • Design the identity
    How would you approach the findings from the research and the clarified strategy? (What would your first steps be once you’ve received feedback and a brief?)

Collecting inspirational keywords from research and briefs is vital to my work process – these keywords help me visualise the overall feeling I would like to have for the design. Then mapping out colours, stylistic choices and similar through style boards to create some sort of overall style concept to get feedback on from the customer.

  • Create touchpoints
    What do you think is meant by touchpoints? (What, do you think, should be included in the term “touchpoints”? how would you define this term?) Hint: Keep in mind that touchpoints are those things that connect customers to your brand.

A touchprint is something that makes an impression on the consumer; something that ties the brand together and represent the brand / product to the consumer. This doesn’t necessarily have to be design choices, although hands-on material are perfect examples of touchpoints; it can be interaction between consumer and company employee in real life, or even through tagging and mentioning in social media.

  • Manage the assets
    How would you nurture and grow the brand that you’ve created? (You may choose an existing brand or product and describe this according to your chosen item, if that will make it easier for you to explain your ideas.)

Since brand identity is a process, it’s difficult to mention particular things that I would do to grow my brand. There are many possible solutions, but I believe that social media today has a tremendous influence on how and what people think of certain companies, brand and products today. Therefore, I would most likely pay close attention to how the brand profiles itself and interact with customers on social media.

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