Week 19: Introduction to Web Design – Part 2

Surf the web and find 10 sites you would consider to be great websites. Simultaneously, make a list of 10 sites you consider bad web sites. Remember to describe why you would define them as such. Upload your lists on your blog.

Finding websites I consider to be good turned out to be far easier than finding the ones I consider to be bad. I guess it kind of proved to me that I prefer a certain style of websites when I go online to learn, research, play, shop, communicate, etc. A fun task!

The Good

1. Interpark Ticketing site

Works across all browsers, and whether it is findings news about planned plays or getting access to ticket sales, I find it to be very neat and organised and easy to navigate.

2. NSB

Easy to navigate, clean feel. Focus on what is essential – the booking of train tickets.

3. Oslo Lufthavn

Same feeling as I have with NSB, and I really like the design.

4. VisitOslo

I may be a bit biased since I used to work part-time here, but compared to the old website, this new one is gold. A clean profile, good use of pictures and fonts, and easy navigation and good search options. A very similar feel to VisitStockholm which I considered including in this list too, but it is perhaps too similar…

5. Japanese Emoticons

Clean design, and good menus sorting out the categories needed for its purpose.

6. Pinterest

You can spend hours here getting lost in the endless suggestions and ideas provided by just clicking from one image to the next.

7. Momondo

Easy to use, easy to navigate and making it way too easy to spend money on travelling by providing different kinds of choices based on your own input.

8. Disney

Simple navigation and simple setup with images as links covering the front page.

9. Mathallen Vulkan

I really like the overall layout of this design. Important information is displayed on the first page, and they have incorporated the event calendar well.

10. AirBnb

Again, easy to use and a very clean feel.

The Bad

1. HiKorea.co.kr – The Official Website for the Korean Immigration Office.

First of all, Korea has a thing for Internet Explorer, so certain functions, like logging into forms and ordering appointments, only work in IE. Other than that information is incredibly difficult to find, and there are several popups. Not to mention that Chrome has labelled the whole site as dangerous.

2. RyanAir

While it used to be much worse before they updated their systems, I still find it somewhat difficult to find the information I would like to have when booking. The sites are hidden in so many different places, and the FAQ is listed as a lot of sub-pages in the bottom menu.

3. Kansai International Airport

Messy, maybe a bit outdated and I feel the colours are clashing. The airport itself is very nice, and I don’t really feel the website represents that very well…

4. Craigslist

Extremely useful, but extremely messy. Searches are difficult to calibrate since the options often do not fit the listings, not to mention the design and fonts being messy.


I feel that the front page is messy and unorganised.

6. Altinn

There is so much information on the front page I don’t even know where to begin looking for the things I would like to find.

7. Yes24 English Ticketing Page

While I adore Interpark, Yes24 has very much the same problem as the government sites here in Korea – it will not let you complete any order without installing third party software and you would still have to use Internet Explorer. Not to mention the English site heavily lacks information, and that they have a tendency to only open sales for foreigners for certain concerts (which is technically not a Yes24 website problem, but a problem for foreigners here in general).

8. Outland

Even after a much needed upgrade from the good old days, I still find the front page a bit too much in terms of font choice and size. The sub categories will only become visible when the actual categories are clicked.

9. GenkiEnglish.net – Japan Site

A site I stumbled upon while looking for resources for my students when I was teaching Japanese. It seems broken but it’s always been like this. Not very user friendly, not very nice to look at.

10. Engebret Café

The header could definitely need an update. The café is a very nice and cozy place with good food, and I don’t really feel the website, as it’s a bit unorganised and the fonts clash, represents that.


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