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Week 13: Print Preparation – Homework

Watch the videos provided beneath. Complete the Lynda.com exercise files and submit it with your assignment.

The two videos watched for this assignment was Designing a magazine layout by Nigel French and Print Production Guidelines by James Wamser.


The completed .pdf exercise file from the first video can be downloaded by clicking here. As I am using InDesign CC 2017, the CMYK settings used in the video tutorial was actually not an option for me, so I used a general CMYK setting instead.


As for the second tutorial, I was unsure of which files to upload, since there are a lot of them. Hence, some screenshots are included from lesson 2, and I chose uploading the calendar one in lesson 9 for the final assignment in the video. Click here for the file. Again, the settings may differ slightly since I am using a different InDesign version than that of the video tutorial, but I followed as best as I could.


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