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100% back again! I hope…

I just handed in my MA03 and… what an adventure. I’ve had to finish it the past three days, having almost close to zero time to do things the way I wanted and even less time to properly immerse myself in the new learning material. Which has been a bit of a bummer, since the material right now is extremely interesting.

For the past four weeks I’ve had exams here in Korea (new ones next week too), been sick for an entire week, and had sad news arrive from Norway very recently. Hence, I haven’t really been able to put in the effort in my design studies I really wanted to. Studies are moving along fast, and I would have needed all the time I could get to catch up – time I don’t have at the moment. My MA03 suffered greatly because of this (which is evident in my report and the final result, sadly), not to mention not being able to complete all the homework for our Layout module.

All in all, learning about layouts and Adobe InDesign is definitely something I need to brush up on as we go. But as of now I hope to be back 150% and ready for new challenges.

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