Mandatory Assignments

Mandatory Assignment 01 – Design Principles

Our first obligatory task for the year was to research nine different design principles, some of which are mentioned in Creative Bloq. I also found that The Smashing Magazine has loads of information and examples on the topic, which helped me a whole lot during the research process. As one of the parts of the assignment is to hand in a report with a detailed description of the task itself, I will keep this blogpost rather short.

  • Go online and research each of them, pick three principles that really stand out to you.
  • You are free to choose your own technique to illustrate each.
  • There are a few ground rules:  Each item will be made by hand with paper, pencil, a knife, paper and any other relevant materials and tools.
  • Each item must be be 25cmx25cm.

The task itself was a bit difficult for me, especially since we were to pick three principles before starting the designs. Understanding the principles themselves were therefore vital, and I really struggled to understand each and every one of them and how they were different in the beginning. But I learned a lot during this whole process, and it was definitely an interesting experience.

As I have recently moved to Seoul (I was missing so much equipment for this and kept running around in circles three days ago to find a proper art supply store), I found most of the inspiration for this task in the things I have seen and experienced during my first week here, and also previous travels to Asia. The first design, the simple cherry blossom, was inspired by a sudden memory of my last trip to Asia while I was walking down the Sinchon area in Seoul late last week; an area filled with cherry blossom trees during spring. The second design was inspired by the lyrics of a song, Maze by VIXX, hence the keyholes. The third design is inspired by Infinite, one of my favourite artists in Korea.

At first I wanted to go for the design principles called closure, proximity and similarity, but as I read up on these concepts online and did some quick sketches, I discarded the idea of using closure as a concept, and instead went for continuation. Instead of similarity, inspired by the Beatle’s album cover mentioned in the Creative Blog, I wanted to create a different effect with one keyhole, and try out the principle of anomality.

And these three concepts are the ones I came up with! The left one is the design in which I tried anomality, the middle one is an attempt at proximity, and the one to the right is supposed to represent continuity.

GRA1_ MA_01_ Design_Principles_CamillaJorgensenRuud_31-08-17(2) GRA1_ MA_01_ Design_Principles_CamillaJorgensenRuud_31-08-17(1) GRA1_ MA_01_ Design_Principles_CamillaJorgensenRuud_31-08-17(3)

All in all a difficult task, but I personally feel I’ve learnt a lot from it, especially how all the design principles can be used for making logos, drawing attention to particular elements in a design, and “catching the eye” of the viewer. I’ll be sure to practice even more and keep all these principles in mind!

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